Japanese diapers

How to buy Japanese diapers from Japan

When it comes to baby goods, there are baby food, feeding, nursing, bath, skincare and strollers. but there is one baby goods that sells tremendously for the last a few years in Japan. That is diapers. Everywhere you go, it’s most likely to be out of stock. even if you find a store that sells Japanese diapers, they have purchase limits that they allow you to buy only the certain amount of diapers. We even have online stores that specialize only in diapers lately. But why are Japanese diapers so popular all of sudden?

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Japansese SAKE spreading across the world

Are you working hard and a little tired lately? Maybe it’s time for you to try out Japanese SAKE. Have a delicate flavored SAKE and relax!

Those who don’t know about SAKE, let me have a little time to introduce you guys the Japanese SAKE. SAKE is one of the traditional alcohol beverage born in Japan. All most all japanese have once in their lives drunk SAKE.

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