A revival of Blythe Dolls in Japan

Now in Japan, A doll called Bythe Doll is becoming very popular among girls in Harajuku Tokyo recently.

Blythe doll was first born in the US but a year later became out of production. 30 years later here in Japan, it was gathered attention from teens in Japan and now spreading worldwide.


Blythe doll has childlike body shape with four different eye colors. If you pull a string coming out of the back of its head, you can switch four different eye colors with one action. It’s a kind of fashion doll so you can choose its eye colors by its outfit.

Blythe doll is a little expensive doll compared to ordinary dolls. it’s around 10,000 JPY, which is 100 dollars in US dollar. Their target customers are from teens to mid-twenties. So they have a little extra money to have fun with Blythe dolls.

We have the hundreds of customized Blythe doll outfit being sold on Japaneses online stores such as Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Toysrus, etc. and they are also being bit on Yahoo auction as well.

You can find out more about Blythe dolls the link below. check it out!



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